About Us

Our Mission

Our purpose is to deliver Risk solutions that speak to the hearts and minds of people.

Facilitate experiences that enable deeper organizational alignment and understanding.

Simplify complex problems to find practical and effective solutions.

Help organizations to acknowledge the  “unknown-knowns” standing in their way of achieving their goals.

About Us

Our Values

We believe in . . .

Actively and intentionally creating opportunities for the under-represented.

Putting people at the center of innovation.

Tenaciously seeking the truth.

Creatively and collaboratively solving problems.

Promoting passionate and productive debate.

Thinking big and being bold.

Embracing disruption and being open and adaptable to change.

Finding beauty in everything.

Challenging the status quo to enable progress.

Playing games at work.

About Us

Our Story

KMRC is a risk consulting firm inspired by design thinking.

We are former regulators, risk practitioners, and creative visionaries.

We bring 25 years of regulatory (OSFI), risk management, and financial services consulting experience, delivering solutions and creating experiences that both protect and create value for clients seeking to push the boundaries of what is possible.

We bring original ideas sparked from the imagination but rooted in deep subject matter expertise.

We shape the future of risk management by embracing and harnessing change.

We are risk nerds who live and breathe methodology.

This is not just a day job – we are passionate about Risk. We provide a variety of strategic risk and compliance services that will make you and your stakeholders excited about the possibilities!

We challenge the status quo.

We will empower you to acknowledge when the status quo is standing in the way of achieving your goals.

We help organizations break bad habits.

We are bold truth tellers.

Natural curiosity drives us to find the truth.

We will not compromise our integrity for commercial gain.

We never compromise on quality.

Quality means more to us than just a pretty PowerPoint.

We believe anything less than excellent is not good enough.

We are designers of unique experiences that bring people and ideas together.

We use gamification to allow executives to experience the consequences of decisions they haven’t made yet.

We focus on creating experiences that our clients need, which requires us to challenge what our clients want.  

About Us

Our Founder

Game maker / player / changer.

Design thinking-inspired methods bring clarity to chaos.

Katherine believes in the power of creativity and in drawing lessons from the real world to solve complex problems in the work world. She has a knack for making everyday risk management activities more engaging, more meaningful, and more fun. She is a designer. Doing the same thing more than once bores her. Big ideas motivate her. She is a story-teller. Her passion for connecting with people are what makes her stories compelling. She brings people together. Her design thinking-inspired methods bring clarity to chaos and inspire people to come together and get stuff done.

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